Johnny George Tower

Elevation Info: NAVD88 Elevation: 4094 ft / 1248 m
Latitude/Longitude (WGS84) 47.911162 N; -118.443782 W


Existing Conditions
The Johnny George Mountain Lookout Tower is located on top of the mountains on the south reservation border overlooking the Columbia River. There is primitive road access to the site.

  • Tower is a Fire Lookout Structure that is being utilized as a communication Tower in combination of a manned Fire Lookout Tower (currently unmanned). 
  • Site also utilizes a Guyed Rohn 45G Tower enclosed in fenced compound.
  • The construction method and structural capacity of the tower base foundations is unknown. The construction method and structural capacity of the tower base foundations is unknown ICI cannot comment on the adequacy of the existing tower foundations. Lookout Tower base foundation displays some visual deterioration in the concrete piers. Tower anchor bolts show signs of corrosion.
  • Mild corrosion is evident on tower assembly bolts.
  • The antenna mounts and antenna mounting hardware for several antennas are rusting.
  • No lightning rod is placed on top of tower.
  • The tower is in in compliance with the specifications for a class” A” climb facility as defined in the TIA-222-G tower design standard.
  • In general, the site is not adequately grounded. Sub-surface ground system cannot be verified. Site grounding is not in compliance and does not meet MOTOROLA R56 standards.
  • AT&T is collocated as a third-party tenant on tower also with a separate Equipment Shelter to house their radio equipment.
  • Site road access is good with winter access issues.
  • Site is not served by commercial Power. Primary power to this site is provided by a fixed angle solar array.
  • There is no emergency back-up power generator unit on auto start controls.
  • Install TVSS or Transtector Surge Protector to protect communications equipment from transient voltage spikes.
  • The existing equipment shelter is good condition. Equipment shelter is elevated and placed on steel platform with piers with a pitched metal covered roof over top of entire equipment shelter.
  • Equipment shelter is not equipped with adequate equipment for existing environmental conditions correctly. No adequate dust control. Electric baseboard heat is available to limit low temp conditions. There is minimal AC provided by a residential window style AC unit.
  • There is a security fence installed with security wire on top installed. 
  • There is no anti-climb system in place to restrict unauthorized personnel from accessing this structure or deterring vandalism and theft.
  • Climb Warning signs, RF Warning signs and No Trespass signs were not posted.
  • Tower is overloaded in its current configuration per the requirement of the TIA/EIA-222-F or G Standards.

Initial Recommendations

  • It is ICI’s professional opinion it will not be economically feasible to repair or modify the tower to meet the requirement of the TIA/EIA-222-F or G Standard. Another cause for concern is that the existing lookout tower is not designed to be utilized as a communication tower and would require extensive structural modifications and the result would still restrict the CCT from any future growth.
  • It is ICI’s professional opinion it would be most feasible to upgrade the site by erecting a new tower 150’ self-supporting lattice tower and placing new 12’ x 30’ Prefabricated concrete equipment shelter with the emergency back-up generator housed in the equipment shelter.
  • This site location is a desirable location for Colocation. It also would resolve all site deficiencies and consolidate all antennas and ancillary equipment to a single structure.
  • AT&T would re-locate to new structure.