Mission Falls

Elevation Info: NAVD88 Elevation: 1366 ft / 418 m
Latitude/Longitude (WGS84) 48-22'14'' N; 119-26'21'' W


Existing Conditions

The Mission Falls communication site is located southeast of Omak on a crest overlooking the Mission Falls school. There is primitive road access to the site.

  • Power to this site is provided by a rack mounted solar array with charge controllers charging a Twelve (12) battery bank configured for 24VDC to power the existing radio equipment. This is a fixed angle solar array.
  • There is a Generac backup power generator on auto start controls. This generator would not start at the time of the site visit. These generators are designed to attempt a start 3 times but will error out after the third attempt, requiring a manual reset before a start can be attempted again. 
  • The existing structure is not big enough to house a new generator, switchgear, or additional batteries. 
  • A Magnum AC inverter is used to provide 115VAC for plug loads for heat, network communications router.
  • The ventilation fan was unplugged at the time of our visit due to outlet space. 
  • Equipment Shelter has NO HVAC. Minimal Environmental systems present. Ventilation fan only and minimal heat.
  • In general, the site is not adequately grounded. Sub-surface ground system cannot be verified. Site grounding is not in compliance and does not meet MOTOROLA R56 standards.
  • A web enabled I/O module is used to gather internal and external temperature data and for remote start stop of the generator (DAQ X320). This remote start is not working.
  • Site compound lacks weed control and site compound gravel. This is paramount for site maintenance and fire protection control. 
  • There is a security fence with security wire on top installed.
  • Climb Warning signs, RF Warning signs and No Trespass signs were not posted.

Initial Recommendations

  • It is ICI’s professional minor corrective actions ONLY be taken at this site.
  • Site RF objectives and physical location does not require additional infrastructure.
  • This site location is not a desirable location for Colocation.
  • Install weed control fabric and site compound gravel to extend (2) feet beyond Fenced site compound for maintenance and fire protection control.
  • Install Climb Warning signs, RF Warning signs and No Trespass.
  • Install a new propane fueled backup generator and locate under a secure, separate covered structure. Generator intakes and exhaust should be configured to be mounted above snow levels.
  • Add additional outlet for ventilation fan to cool communications building.
  • Reconfigure solar array to be adjustable for winter and summer angles. Current fixed angle is optimized for summer sun.
  • Install SNMP protocol Devices to monitor generator and propane system fuel levels remotely. TASC and DPS Telecom are options for generator measurements: V, A, Hz, kW, kVAr, kVA, PF, kWh, kVAhr to IT remote monitoring (SNMP version 1 protocol device).
  • Install TVSS or Transtector Surge Protector to protect communications equipment from transient voltage spikes.