Submitting an IT Ticket

Submitting a request for a ticket for computer, phone, radio, network, cell phone issues and ink or other supplies.

To submit a ticket to IT please call (509) 634-2300 and a Technician will answer your call.  The phone number is available for calls from 7:30AM – 4:00PM, Monday – Friday. If you receive a greeting during office hours, this indicates our staff is on the phone assisting other users.  Please leave your name and contact number with a brief description of the problem.  Staff will start a ticket and contact you with the ticket number.

To submit a ticket to IT please email:   (Will be populated as CCT IT Support & Services in your email cache)

Here is an example

Please be as detailed as possible for any issues you are experiencing with the Technician that answers the call or in the body content of the email.
The person responsible for monitoring and assigning the tickets will assign to the appropriate division of IT for your issue you have reported.
If the ticket is called in after hours and it is determined it is an emergency, the appropriate on-call Technician will be notified of the ticket.
If you have any further questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact Val Palmer, Technical Service Manager, (509) 634-2227 | email:

IT Service Rate Schedule PDF