This Standard Operating Procedures/Policy (SOP) provides a framework for controlling physical access to the Colville Confederated Tribes (CCT) IT facilities, structures and sites. Physical security is the basic building block for all security efforts.


Access Authorization
Any CCT IT staff who have a work or business requirement/need to access a structure or facility shall be granted access to said facility/structure in an unescorted manner once they have successfully completed any probation or trial service time required for the position. Said access shall be the most restrictive, allowing for essential, minimal access only.

Staff who are not an employee of CCT, such as an approved contractor or consultant may be granted escorted or unescorted access after making initial request to the CCT IT Help Desk by calling (509) 634-2300 or by email to cct.tickets@colvilletribes.com. Upon arrival, an Access Request Form will need to be completed. Escort status shall be solely at the discretion of the CIO, Deputy CIO, IT Facilities Manager, IT Senior Facilities Administrator or designee.

At no time shall CCT staff provide or otherwise communicate any access code, PIN or combination to any unauthorized persons.


Restricted Event Access
In the event of a declared emergency event where facility access may be declared a danger or otherwise come under a restricted access declaration; Public Safety shall provide safety escort and any specialized safety equipment for IT staff who are required to respond to said facility. Such response shall be in the interest of CCT to preserve data and/or critical technology systems.


Badge Issuance
Non CCT staff who require access shall have a photo badge issued. Said badge shall be worn on the exterior most garment at all times so as to be viewable as much as possible during the time within or on a site or facility. Said badge is the property of CCT IT and may be required to be returned or presented for inspection or authentication at any time. Upon determination of relinquished access requirement, said badge shall be returned to CCT IT.

Upon arrival for badging, staff must provide evidence of company affiliation as well as Tribal, County, State or Federally issued photo identification, showing the staffs face and containing the signature/mark of the staff. The completed Access Request Form will be provided to IT Facilities Manager or IT Senior Facilities Administrator or designee. A copy of the identification will be made for CCT IT files. Additionally, a photograph of the staffs face will be taken for placement onto CCT' s identification badge.


Escort Types
Unescorted access may be granted by CCT IT at its discretion. A protracted successful history of past transactions will provide the grounds for adjusting the escort restriction to Unescorted. Conversely a negative criminal background, past access history or negative, derogatory or harmful interactions will provide sufficient cause to require escorted access.

Escorted access shall entail CCT IT staff to be in constant visual contact to the vendor's staff. When in this escort status; at no time shall the staff person be out of sight. Steps shall be taken to insure visual contact is maintained. CCT IT reserves the right to cease all operations should a risk be perceived or chronic failure to maintain visual contact occur.

Many sites and facilities carry a risk to life and limb in adverse weather or remoteness in a wilderness environment. Where this is applicable badged staff shall notify either the IT Facilities Manager or the IT Senior Facilities Administrator using the business card provided by IT Facilities Manager, IT Senior Facilities Administrator at the time of badging upon initial entry to the remote site. Said notification may be either radio, SMS text, email or phone.

Upon completion of tasks and when staff is ready to leave the site for the day, notification of departure shall be made again to either IT Facilities Manager or the IT Senior Facilities Administrator in the same manner. Failure to make such notification may result in future restriction or denial of access for that particular staff or group.


Vendor Staff Eligibility
The vendor shall notify IT anytime a staff member is no longer eligible or out of employment with that vendor. Such notification shall occur within 10 business days of employment status change. Notification can be made by calling (509) 634-2300 or by email to cct. tickets@colvilletribes.com.

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